Sunday, December 12, 2010

Toddler Snow Globe

Holiday decorations are out and it's time for our snow globes to see the light of day again. I've always loved them... there's just something magical about a snow globe. Eli adores them as well and wants to shake them all the time... and I let him under supervision. Last week we made a few toddler-friendly snow globes.

Step 1: Find a child safe container. We used an empty almond butter jar - I spent a ridiculous amount of time peeling the label off :-/ I also used a small plastic milk bottle and a good old Ball jar. Yes, it's glass... but they're hefty.

Step 2: Collect small waterproof objects. For the stationary object we used a Curious George cake decoration. For interest we added seed & stone beads, a small ceramic bunny and glitter. Lots of glitter.

Step 3: Hot glue the stationary object to the bottom of the lid.

Step 4. Watch happy fingers sprinkle glitter and add tiny special beads to the jar.

Step 5: Fill container with water

Step 6: Screw on cap. I added a bead of hot glue to the inside of the cap to ensure it would not come off and nothing would leak out.

We had fun building our snow globes and I have lots of ideas for future projects. Eli loves shaking them and searching out the tiny objects we added. Fun fun!

Oh, and here's our Ball jar globe with plastic trees and glitter.

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